Too much work, not enough sun, not enough fun? Feel like you're just the sum of your daily tasks and obligations? Entrepreneur and disruptor of financial industries, Marty Vids, on how to cultivate a feeling of wonder in your life today.

It’s Monday morning. Your alarm goes off. You get up, dress, feed yourself. Drive to to work. Do your work. Drive home. Tell yourself you’re not going to sit down and watch Netflix. Sit down and watch Netflix. Feed yourself again. Put your alarm on. Go back to bed.

It’s Tuesday morning—rinse and repeat...and the next day...and the next day.

If any of the above sounds familiar then this episode is for you.

There’s so much more to healthy living than green smoothies and if you’re feeling a definite lack in the ‘wonder department’ lately this episode is especially for you, so listen up.

It’s easy to slip into a place where we feel like we’re just the sum of our daily duties and obligations *deep sigh*.

A couple of years ago I was broken down on the border between northern Guatemala and Belize (you can’t get motorcycles fixed in the jungle on a Sunday). After having spent the night with a very passionate...mosquito, I remember waking up the next morning and the first thought that entered my mind was this—too much work, not enough sun, not enough fun.

And then I stepped outside and caught the tail end of the sunrise which was the polar opposite of too much work, not enough sun, not enough fun.

Curiosity. Amazement. Awe. Admiration. Exhilaration — also known as wonder.

The rest of that day felt different, not earth-shattering-I’ve-just-transcended-into-another-realm kind of different, I just felt lighter, brighter and far more than the sum of my daily tasks and obligations.

Since then I’ve actively pursued that feeling and given out ‘prescriptions’ of you-need-to-add-more-wonder-into-your-life to many of my health coaching clients.

My guest today, entrepreneur and disruptor of financial industries, Marty Vids, shares how bombing at his first stand- up helped him on his entrepreneurial journey, how to stop working solely out of habitual behaviours, and much more.

There are so many wonderful experiences to be had and I’m super excited to share Marty’s one simple tip that will help you cultivate a feeling of wonder in your life TODAY.



  • How to stop working out of habitual behaviours
  • How you can add an element of wonder to your life today

  • Why acting on our intuition is directly linked to personal happiness and wellbeing

And much more!



1: The one simple step you can take TODAY to cultivate a feeling of wonder that Marty shared is to seek out things that take your breath away and moments that make you pause.

2: Wonder is a choice. Choose for it to be a part of your life otherwise you’ll always be working out of habitual behaviours.

3: When you have an intuitive thought, speak your wisdom out loud so you can hear it.

4: We’re so blessed to have the opportunity to do great work on this planet, let’s not waste it by spending time doing things we don’t like.

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Q: How can we all cultivate a sense of wonder in our lives, what's something we won’t find in a book or online?

A: Get connected with yourself, know why you do what you do and spend time thinking about what’s the significance for you in life, what’s important —- don’t get busy and miss this.



Q: My favourite book/tool resource is...

A: The book Power vs Force by David R Hawkins  

Q: The best advice I ever received was…

A: Don’t hire the people you can afford, hire the best people you can find

Q: A personal habit that contributes to my success is…

A: Determination

Q: My favourite quote is…

A: Love who you are, love what you do and love the people that love you


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Thank you so much for listening.

I hope this conversation helps you to see that there’s so much more to healthy living than green smoothies and that you CAN go from Someday to Nailed it with your health, wellness and lifestyle goals.

I would love to know what the single biggest takeaway from this conversation is and most importantly, how can you make that actionable right now?

Leave a comment below and let us know and I’ll see you next week for another exciting episode of the Someday to Nailed it podcast.


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