Can you imagine how you would feel and what life would look like if you knew how to reclaim your health and not only prevent disease but reverse it so instead of worrying you could just get on with the good stuff in life like avocados and sunsets?

If you’ve ever secretly thought “I really need to do something about my health but just don’t know how to get started”, this episode is for you.

A few years ago when I still owned my adventure travel company...and my Health Coaching business was growing...and I was half way through a more-intense-than-90%-cacao-kind-of-intense business training program...and I was managing a banana plantation, guess what, my health suffered — surprise, surprise.

One of the top mistakes I was making was believing that skipping on sleep to get up super early to exercise was beneficial to my health — not true and you’ll learn why in this week's episode.

My Guest today is Dr. Joel Kahn. Known as America’s number one holistic heart doctor, he’s one of the top cardiologists in the world, a best selling author and owner of the incredible GreenSpace Cafe, a plant-based restaurant and craft cocktail bar in Michigan.



Dr. Khan’s personal mission is to prevent one million heart attacks over the next two years and in this episode you’re going to learn:

  • The six key lifestyle steps you can take to reclaim your health, prevent and even reverse heart disease whether you’re 25 or 75

  • A little known and cost-effective strategy for the early prevention of heart disease

  • Dr Kahn’s top recommendations on how to achieve your health, wellness and lifestyle goals

And much more!



The six key lifestyle steps you can take to reclaim your health, prevent and even reverse heart disease whether you’re 25 or 75 are:

  1. Don’t smoke

  2. Walk every day for 30 minutes — aim to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine

  3. Get 7 - 8 hours sleep every night — non-negotiable

  4. Keep you waist thin. Under 40 inches for men and 35 for women (based on North American standards)

  5. Eat MORE than 5 servings of fruit and veg per day — this is the one most people struggle with and need to focus on

  6. Enjoy alcohol in moderation

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A little known and cost effective strategy for the early prevention of heart disease...

Something about heart health we won’t find out online or in a book is that there’s an early prevention scan of the heart which takes around 30 seconds and costs around $100  — the heart calcium CT scan, an examination that takes less than a minute.

DELC — diagonal earlobe crease (dare you not to touch your earlobes right now)...scientifically proven to be an accurate predictor of clogged arteries.



Q: My favourite book / tool resource is...

A: The documentary Forks Over Knives.

Q: The best advice I ever received was…

A: Date that young girl in High School and make sure you reach out and get social support with whatever you’re struggling with whether it’s food, alcohol, weight, or cigarettes, find a group to support healthy activities.

Q: Best purchase for under $100…

A: The Nutribullet for getting your fruit and veg in everyday.

Q: A personal habit that contributes to my success is…

A: Gratitude.

Q: My favourite quote is…

A: A heart attack over age 80 is an act of god, a heart attack under before age 80 is a failure of the medical system.



#5 your turn

Thank you so much for listening.

I hope this conversation helps you not only to take action on moving towards your health, wellness & lifestyle goals but to see what’s possible for you.

I would love to know what the single biggest takeaway from this conversation is and most importantly, which one of the six lifestyle steps you’re going to put into practice this week?

Leave a comment below, let me know and I’ll see you next week for another exciting episode of the Someday To Nailed It podcast.


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