Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, the human body cannot function at an optimal level or even heal when it's in constant repetitive stress mode. Seeing as we all lead busy lives (and probably don't spend our days in scenes similar to the photo above), what is the key to permeant stress relief?

Let's find out.

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Stress is something we all experience on some level, I do and I’m sure you do too.

In the moment solutions to stress relief include taking a couple of long deep breaths, getting up and taking a quick walk, stretching and maybe even a quick spot of yoga but recently I’ve started looking beyond that and wanted to be able to offer both my (lovely) health coaching clients and podcast listeners longer term solutions to stress management.

In my pursuit of looking for answers in unusual places it’s becoming clear to me that we should look beyond typical industry standards and seek knowledge from unfamiliar resources in order to refine ourselves and our knowledge.

When you begin to do this you’ll find the most surprising solutions whether it’s about stress management, where to take you next vacation or what to buy your partner for Christmas!

Whilst in pursuit of looking at health and wellness from a different angle, I met John Vespasian - top author of 8 books on rational living, one of which just so happens to be about stress relief!

Rational living is an approach to personal development based on a simple principle of taking a step back when you have to make important decisions or choices in your life. John appreciates that it’s very difficult for people to stay rational when facing extreme conditions and his work is dedicated to helping people become more effective with rational living.



I’m super excited for today's episode - you’re going to learn some powerful and actionable lessons about stress relief:

  • A simple 3 step framework that will help you reduce stress in your life starting TODAY

  • The benefits of rational living and how to get started

  • Why positive thinking isn’t the solution and what to do instead

And much more!



The 3 simple step framework John shares that will help you reduce stress in your life starting TODAY:

  1. Learn to see the invisible. We get extremely stressed when we focus on short term problems and immediate threats. Look into the future for your hidden qualities and opportunities and use them effectively — try to see what’s not immediately visible whilst discarding the past and past errors.

  2. Be realistic about what you don’t know. When we’re stressed or depressed, we start thinking in loops and circles, the only way to get out of that thought pattern is to realise there are many things we don’t know which we have to learn through trial and error. Try different things until you find something that works — change your environment, your profession or your location. You have to to try different things out so not to become stuck in your stressful environment.

  3. Don’t waste time trying to convince people to change. If you’re feeling stressed, underappreciated or not understood, don’t waste your time and energy trying to change other people, it’s best to just move on and find something better.

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What’s something we should know about the key to permanent stress relief that we won’t find online or from mainstream media sources?

Positive thinking doesn’t work.

You’ll be able to reduce stress massively if you’re a bit more realistic, be positive and realistic when you have a plan, otherwise be prudent. If you feel like you’re still looking for the meaning in life or have no specific plan, don’t rush.

  • Reinforce your strengths

  • Identify what you like to do

  • Work on your strengths little by little



Q: My favourite book / tool resource is...

A: The fall of the roman empire by Edward Gibbon

Q: The best advice I ever received was…

A: Make a plan of the next day every day and keep your priorities in mind

Q: Best purchase for under $100…

A: An MP3 player to listen to audiobooks and podcasts - it gives you the opportunity to build your skills

Q: A personal habit that contributes to my success is…

A: Being consistent and disciplined

Q: My favourite quote is…

A:  Rationality is the way of happiness

#5 your turn

Thank you so much for listening.

I hope this conversation helps you not only to take action on moving towards you health, wellness & lifestyle goals but to see what’s possible for you.

If you’re struggling with stress management right now or have done in the past, I would love to know what insight from this episode helped you the most. Leave a comment below and let me know.

I really hope you found this episode valuable and I’ll see you next time for another exciting episode of the Someday To Nailed it podcast.



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