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In pursuit of health and happiness, I’m sure that you’ve tried lot’s of different things, as have I —  green smoothies, yoga at sunrise, vision boards, manifesting, horrible diets and detoxes, the list goes on! 

But, have you ever thought about hiking for your health and happiness and do you really know what your mental and physical limits are?

I hope this week’s episode inspires you make some of your own hiking plans and hit the hills because I’m taking you to the Lake District in the U.K. this week to meet Joe Williams who’s part of the team at Cicerone.

Cicerone publish outdoor activity guidebooks specifically for walking, running, cycling, skiing, canyoning and much more.

You’ll learn Joe’s top 3 tips on how to get started if you’re new to hiking, there will be stories of endurance induced hallucinations and you’ll learn that at the end of the day, exercise is just moving your body in a way that feels good.

On personal note, I would encourage anyone to get outside because the best way to learn how to respect the environment is to be in it.

Let’s get going!

There's a link between you reaching your health, wellness and lifestyle goals and you diving into the unknown to have an adventure.

This missing link took me a long time to figure out and finally came to be one night whilst asleep on top of a volcano in Guatemala (high altitude equals crazy dreams ).

Adventure  It’s believing in something you can't see, just like reaching your health, wellness and lifestyle goals

However you define it, adventure is individual, and there’s no other activity or action that has the unique potential to inspire you, to educate you and to make you realise you’re capable of far more than you ever imagined.

Ready to give it a try?



Through Joe's personal experience and over 50 years of expert advice from a team of professional authors and adventurers at Cicerone, you’re going to learn:

  • The top 3 things you should do before planning your first hike
  • How adventure travel allows us to see what our true physical and mental capabilities are

  • How to exceed those capabilities

And much more!



Joe's top 3 tips for getting started if you're new to hiking:

  1. Learn how to be safe. Do a basic navigation training course and learn about the weather to see how it can impact your journey. 

  2. Go out with someone more experienced than you. Join a group if you can to gain confidence and make new connections.

  3. Find out what walking options there are near where you live. Ordnance Survey in the U.K. will make a custom map of your area at very reasonable rates and check out National Trails for hundreds of walks, bike routes and bridle paths.

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Q: My favourite book, tool or resource is...

A: My GPS watch

Q: The best advice I ever received was…

A: In reference to walking and hiking, start slowly

Q: Best purchase for under $100…

A: My lightweight Berghaus running jacket

Q: A personal habit that contributes to my success is…

A: Self deprecating humour, having a positive outlook

Q: My favourite quote is…

A:  Quoting Edward Whymper who climbed the Matterhorn in 1865. "Climb if you will but remember that courage and strength are not without prudence and that momentary negligence may end the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste, look well to each step and from the beginning, think of what might be the end."



#5 your turn

Thank you so much for listening.

I hope you loved this episode and that it helps you see what's possible. I would love to know what insight from this episode helped you the most?

Leave a comment below and let me know — I’ll see you next week for another inspiring episode of the Someday to Nailed It podcast.



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