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Have you ever had the feeling that something you want is just out of reach and the more you try, the more elusive it becomes? Yes, me too and as I learned in this week's episode, the opposite of that is to use presence instead of force to bring about the kind of change you want in your life.

In three very simple, very actionable steps, you're about to learn exactly how to do that and much more.

Let’s get going!



  • How to instantly improve your relationship with those closest to you with 5 simple words
  • How to use presence instead of force to bring about the kind of change you want in your life
  • The key to diffusing conflicts or arguments in any situation

And much more!



Jake's easy-to-implement steps to conscious living...

  1. Take time every day to access a state of consciousness other than safety, you can do this with a simple morning gratitude practice or meditation. By doing this you're exercising different muscles in your brain, heart and gut — just ten minutes a day opens up different possibilities.

  2. Learn to talk about what you need right now. If you find yourself in conflict or having a disagreement with the people in your life you have an intimate relationship with, learn to talk about what you need right now in the moment instead of going back to something that happened in the past. Ask yourself or the other person, what you / I want or need right now in this moment.

  3. Re-Do yourself. The idea is that we don't all conduct ourselves perfectly all the time so as soon as you have the awareness that you've behaved in a way you don't feel good about, go back to the other person or people involved and say, I want to re-do myself and behave in a way you wish you had when you previously spoke. The aim is to continue to reduce the time around how you behaved and the re-do.

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Q: Conscious living, what’s something we should know, something we won’t be able to find online or in a book?

The idea that most people find hard to believe — nothing that happens means anything other than the meaning we give it, what we talk about and think is just our perception.



Q: My favourite book, tool or resource is...

A: Get Weird, How To Make The Most Of Your Life by Jake himself!  

Q: The best advice I ever received was…

A: When you're feeling stuck in your life you need to ask different questions

Q: Best purchase for under $100…

A: My jet stream pen for $20

Q: A personal habit that contributes to my success is…

A: My 4 minute morning meditation




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#5 your turn

Thank you so much for listening.

I hope you loved this episode and that it helps you see what's possible. I would love to know what insight from this episode helped you the most.

Leave a comment below and let me know — I’ll see you next week for another inspiring episode of the Someday to Nailed It podcast.



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