I asked one hundred traveler's what their biggest struggle was when it comes to staying fit and healthy on the road and they said; maintaining a fitness routine.

Yes, me too and during the course of the month I'm going to teach you exactly what you can do to stay motivated. If you haven't already, go and check out January's theme; Fitness, Fun and Friendships for some quick healthy travel tips.

My motivation was recently put to the test in the deepest darkest depths of Dorset (that's in the south of England just in case you're wondering) whilst staying with friends over Christmas (note to self; only go back to Europe in the summer when at least it's warm and rainy as opposed to freezing cold and rainy).

Wearing an enormous donated-by-my-friend blue *fluffy bathrobe, thick yellow socks pulled up to my knees and my new woolly hat (Christmas prezzie from mum) I nursed a coffee and got back into bed -- I'll work out later, it's definitely too cold now.

*In examining the above scene I've come to the realisation it screams Bridget Jones Diary, and I recently turned 35, just add HUGE knickers and...

Anyway, when you're on the road, there's always an excuse isn't there. Too busy, other more exciting things to do, too cold, too hot --  the list goes on.

If I said to you there's something you can do that will help you look better, feel better, age better and it's free would you want in? Of course you would, do you know what I'm talking about?

Exercise, described (by one of my favourite geeky websites, as; bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health but much better described as:


Last week we talked about committing to a fitness event and how to get started, now I want to demonstrate how that actually looks in real life because if Darth can do it you can do it too.

Meet Darth Vader (yes, that's his actual name), he's a former Marine based in upstate New york who hops around the country running half marathons, triathlons and Tough Mudders for fun. In 2017 after enduring years of pain and having countless operations he had his leg amputated -- he's still running marathons and Tough Mudders for fun.

Are you ready to commit to a fitness event this year? Here are Darth's top tips for getting started and staying motivated: 


1: Everyone is different and has their own pace, set yourself a few events throughout the year and commit to the mindset both emotionally and mentally to what you're about to endure.

2: Have a safe, simple and sustainable diet and train smart.

3: Let your ego go to the wayside and ask for help, advice and opinions, get help with training and nutrition. 

I’m excited to share this week’s podcast with you so go an have a listen and here are my top 3 Fitness events you can commit to wherever you are in the world:

  1.  The Tough Mudder, from beginners to elite athletes, there's a course for all fitness levels, you'll find events across 4 continents and if you're traveling solo you can rock up on your own and get instant love and support from the TM community.
  2. Run The Edge, run or walk thousands of miles by yourself or with a team. I love this concept because it encourages you to stay in touch with friends and family either at home or around the world. Run The Edge provide the tools to track your miles, motivation to keep you going, and community to provide support and inspiration along the way.
  3. The Conqueror Event Series, make every mile count towards conquering a fitness goal in 2018. From waling the length of the U.K to cycling route 66, each fitness challenge is fun, interesting and will keep you focused and motivated to exercise whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out or starting over.



I would love to know which fitness event you’re going to commit to doing this year, leave a comment below and let me know.

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Here's to fitness, fun and friendships.

Emma x


"ask for help, advice & opinions" 

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  • The exact action steps you need to take to commit to a fitness event this year
  • That your health and fitness goals are achievable regardless of where you're at right now
  • What you really need to invest in financially when you commit to a fitness event


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  • Best advice ever received: Never quit, never give up
  • Best purchase under $100: Shoes, sneakers 
  • Favourite quote: Never be defined by your circumstances or situation, allow your hard work to define that for you.


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