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After qualifying as  Health Coach with The Institute For Integration Nutrition in 2013, Emma took her passion for all things health and wellness related and love of travel to help hundreds of women stay fit, healthy and organised while traveling for work, business or pleasure.

Dedicated to building products with a purpose that you get lifelong access to — Emma's company is built on compassion and fuelled by collective wisdom.

Emma's work has been featured in The Huffington PostThrive GlobalThe Telegraph and just in case you're wondering, yes it is her motorcycle :)


FREE healthy travel workshop

Whether you commute to work every day, travel regularly for business or are planning your next vacation, travel can sometimes de-rail you from living a healthy lifestyle — believe me when I say I know because I spent over ten years 'on the road' working as an adventure tour leader.

I wanted to share my healthy travel tips with you and some of what I’ve learned, both from my personal journey as well as from my Health Coaching education, experience and mentors in the field of health, fitness and nutrition so that you no longer have to see travel as an obstacle to overcome.

During this free online workshop, you're going to learn:

  • How to eat out anywhere — tips and tricks on how to eat out, stay health without restricting yourself or feeling deprived
  • Which two systems in our bodies are most affected by travel and exactly what you can do to keep yourself in top form
  • Exactly what I take with me 'on the road' to stay healthy
  • My go-to healthy travel snacks

   And much more!
You’ll leave the webinar feeling empowered and motivated with a solid plan in place to help you truly look forward to your next business trip, daily commute or annual vacation.

Click on the button below to get signed up and I'll see you in the workshop.