8 day 7 night adventure to hike Pacaya volcano, experience a traditional Mayan spa, tour around Lake Atitlan and explore Guatemala.

Only 5 days away from the office.

Price From US$1800pp II Departure Date: 24th November 2018

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The 'historical introduction' is coming up in a sec, here's what you're really about to experience; sunshine, tropical fruit, volcanic views, dazzling colours and maybe a choco banano.

We'll meet today at the joining hotel in Guatemala’s former capital city, La Antigua, a UNESCO world heritage site which in practical terms translates to cobblestone streets so leave the stilettos at home ladies!

Antigua sits in the Panchoy valley and is known as being the cultural centre of Guatemala. Abundant in ancient churches, pretty parks, welcoming coffee shops and flanked by volcanoes—your adventure starts now.

We'll have an early evening 'meet and greet' before heading out to sample some of Guatemala’s best healthy, wholesome plant based cuisine.

Included: Airport transfers, evening meal, hotel, trusty trip leader.


Today, you're going to; explore, exercise, eat, rest, laugh, repeat.

A relatively easy (okay so you'll probably break a sweat but sweating is good for you) climb of 1.5 hours will bring us to Pacaya volcano's fertile shelf, we'll explore the old lava fields with our knowledgeable local guide and watch the smoking crater that looms above.

An incredible sensory experience, you'll get to walk across thousands of years old dried lava flows, through lush forests and farmland whilst getting views of nearby towering volcanoes, and on a clear day, even the Pacific coast. After our descent we'll head back towards Antigua in time for a well deserved afternoon at a Mayan spa where fresh tropical fruit smoothies await you.

Included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Private transport to Pacaya volcano, local guide, entrance fees. Private transport to the Mayan spa. Hotel. Trusty trip leader.


Today you will; stretch, breathe, move, feel calm, cook, taste, share.

Todays cooking class is hands on and taught by local Guatemalan chefs, you'll learn to make 1 main dish and 3 side dishes all of which are plant based. Guatemalan cuisine is an exotic mixture of traditional colonial Spanish and indigenous Mayan cooking that is both healthy, delicious and fun to prepare.

There will be time this afternoon to relax in a coffee shop or juice bar, pick up some gifts (did someone say brightly coloured, handwoven textiles)  at the local cooperative before we head out in the evening for our farewell dinner.

Included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Morning yoga class. Guatemalan cooking class. Hotel. Trusty trip leader.


You’re going to; start thinking about how and when you can come back again!

Prepare to be enchanted as we travel west of Antigua through the rugged Guatemalan highlands towards Lake Atitlan, an area referred to as being the spiritual centre of the country.

Flanked by three volcanoes that provide a dramatic backdrop, the lake is surrounded by small villages in which Mayan culture is still prevalent and traditional dress is worn, the countryside supports extensive coffee plantations and avocado farms alongside a variety of other crops, most noticeably, corn, the perfect destination for the culturally curious traveler.

After a short boat ride across the lake,  you'll have time in the afternoon to just stop and take it all in before we set on an easy sun set hike and later a delicious lakeside evening meal.

Included: Lakeside lodge, breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, private transport to Lake Atitlan, sunset hike with local guide, trusty trip leader.


Today you’ll experience; a local perspective, the elements, diversity, Guatemala.

We'll be heading out this morning in a private boat for a guided tour of the lake and surrounding villages. In the heart of Lake Atitlan lives a community of indigenous women who weave traditional clothing, handbags, shawls, and other products unique to their regions by the Lake.

These women are part of a local budding cooperative called Atitlán Women Weavers (Mujeres Tejedoras del Lago Atitlán). The cooperative began in 2014 with 5 women, today, it provides an economic opportunity for 25 dedicated women. We'll spend some time at the cooperative today and travel across the lake to explore some of the surrounding villages on foot.

Included: Lakeside lodge, breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, private lake tour and local guide, visit to Atitlán Women Weavers cooperative, trusty trip leader.


Today will be; calm, interesting, comforting, fun.

You'll get an authentic Guatemalan experience that supports local communities while getting off the beaten path today as you learn about the history of coffee and it's economical and cultural importance to the locals.

There will be great views of the lake as we walk between villages and with no rush you'll get to fully enjoy your surroundings and the experience.

Included: Lakeside lodge, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee plantation visit and half day hike with local tour guide, trusty trip leader.


After one last breakfast at the lake we'll be heading back to Antigua today where you'll have the time in the afternoon to head back to your favourite coffee shop or juice bar or pick up some gifts at the local cooperative handicrafts market before we head out in the evening for our farewell dinner.

Included: Hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner, private transport from Lake Atitlan to Antigua, trusty trip leader


This adventure comes to an end today but the experiences you've had will make you ask yourself when the next adventure begins.

But first, one more cup of (amazing freshly roasted Guatemalan coffee) for the road.

Included: Breakfast & airport transfers

Price US$1800pp II Departure Date: 24th November


Q: Who’s Behind Thrive Vacations?

Emma—explorer, Health Coach & rider of inappropriately large motorcycles.

10 years leading adventure trips in Latin America. Over 500 happy customers. At least 5 pairs of hiking shoes ruined by hot lava flow. Fuelled by coffee, compassion and avocados.

Thrive Vacations is a small travel company making a big impact—those adventures you dream about, we’re here to make them happen.

Q: Why Travel With Thrive Vacations?

Stress-free travel. Rewards program. Support local communities. Travel responsibly. Join a community of like minded travellers. Get to do exciting things with vegan marshmallows on active volcanoes.  

*Warning—side effects may an increased sense of adventure and desires to quit your job, learn Spanish and move somewhere warm  to open a vegan coffee shop called cafe y amor (that’s coffee and love).

Q: Which airport do I need to fly into?

Guatemala City (GUA). Please note that flights are not included and must be purchased separately.

Q: What’s the weather like?

Lovely! The climate is often described as being like eternal spring. November through to May is the dry season, the days are warm enough for t-shirts and shorts but don’t forget to bring a jacket and something to keep you warm during the cooler evenings.

Q: What is the group size?

The maximum group size is 12 people.

Q: Is this trip fully guided?

Yes, Emma, along with knowledgeable local guides will be with you throughout the trip.

Q: What kind of hotels do you use, will I be sharing a room?

You'll be staying in a traditional Guatemalan hotel with an interior garden or courtyard. The exact hotel will be confirmed nearer the time based on availability and group size. All hotels we use are chosen for their investment into the local economy, excellent reputation, location, beautiful decor and welcoming service. Trip prices are based on two people (of the same sex) sharing and private rooms are available on request.

Q: Who is this trip for?

This trip is perfect for moderately fit men and women who want to experience one of Guatemala's most famous volcanoes, explore a UNESCO world heritage site and eat healthy plant based meals. No previous volcano hiking experience is required, just a good sense of adventure and decent shoes.

Q: Who is a typical Thrive Vacations client?

Anyone is welcome but we typically cater for vegan and vegetarian travellers and busy working professionals with limited time — think healthy micro-adventures for grown ups!

Q: Are all the meals included and what type of food will we be eating?

Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, all meals are plant based making them vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Q: I’ve got a question that isn’t answered here, who shall I contact?

Email Emma at and she’ll answer your questions and queries personally.

Q: Can this be run as a private trip?

Yes, click here to schedule in a call to discuss the details or email Emma at








Stress-free travel. Rewards program. Support local communities. Travel responsibly. Join a community of like minded travellers. Get to do exciting things with vegan marshmallows on active volcanoes. Become an ambassador.

But there's more.

We love supporting people and organizations doing good things in the world and this season we'll be supporting Lead Up.

IMG_8208 (1).JPG

Lead Up is a not for profit organisation based out of Antigua in Guatemala which strives to reduce violence in the community by creating peaceful leaders, both men and women by utilising equine assisted therapy and non verbal communication.

When you chose Thrive Vacations, you'll also be supporting Lead Up this season because with every holiday booked they'll receive financial support.

Every one thrives and we all get to do the happy dance.